Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Nicky takes flight

This is a picture of Nicola taken by a bystander at the races in the spring sometime. The horse, called No More Whispers, was acting up - as you can see - and she rashly hung on.

The owner has used the picture as his Christmas card, so Nic will be on all his cards!

She is glad she has her back to the camera because she says she was probably pulling a really daft face.

What is lovely is that the person who took the picture took the trouble to send it to Evan, just because he liked it, and thought other people would as well.

Kindness of strangers.


Boo and Trev said...

That is a fantastic picture. I love the fact that on Facebook Nic calls him a little rascal.

oreneta said...

It is a lovely photo...I assume nothing got hurt.

katemcnabb said...

That's a great picture and really lovely of the person to send it through. Nothing so little about that rascal though!


Helen said...

Nothing got hurt. Jody - the jockey - says on Facebook when people commented on Nic holding on 'What about me for staying on!' and someone else just dismissed it saying he had stirrups so he was fine