Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cake

It is that time of year.  For the past million (well maybe a bit less but a lot) my parents (and in the last 3 my dad) have provided the Christmas cake, latterly shop bought, which is fine.  Having a bit of extra time before Christmas (should be cooking leave not gardening!) I decided to try out the Delia cake kit from Waitrose.  So far so good.  Here it is cooling down:

Next I get to feed it (with alcohol, tee hee) and then it is the icing question.  I never liked icing, and really dislike marzipan, but if not covered then it will dry out more quickly.  So all you cake makers (well Helen at least!) let's have the advice.  :0)



oreneta said...

That looks wonderful....mmmmmmm. I agree with you on the icing, much better without, but I know nothing about this other than as an eater.

Helen said...

If you don't want to ice it then if you keep feeding it and keep it in a fairly airtight tupperware container it will be fine till Xmas. The icing is designed to make it keep for months at a time eg keeping the top of the wedding cake to use as a christening cake. It would be fine once you cut off the old icing and reiced it.

Helen said...

By the way it looks very good

Anonymous said...

Definitely don't ice it. Just eat it . It looks yummy.

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

I am certainly looking forward to my share of it! :oP xxx