Monday, January 11, 2010

Well I don't know about this Island. We tried toget off it two days in a row last week to go to Barcelona and failed. First time was legit it was a snowstorm, but the second day was bright and sunny, but apparently the runway was icy? Ever heard of salt? So anyway we stayed and had a lovely walk along the Thames in about 4 ins of dry snow, lovely. Watched a lot of birda and the rowers were out. as long as you were rowing fine, but the poor coxes must have been freezing.
Having had so much trouble getting to Paris before Christmas train to Dover.3 hour wait, ferry to Calais, no connections, two more trains to Paris, the incentives to travel are small. However, I am going to try foe Canada tomorrow, but snow is in the forecast and teh Queen Mary doesn't start running until April.

Linda and Mike


Helen said...

Good luck. We haven't managed to get to Essex or to Pembrokeshire yet (actually Brian has managed to get to Pembs but I haven't) so attempting to depart these shores is very ambitious!

I'm fairly pleased at managing to get to work.

Boo and Trev said...

Oh dear! Don't suppose these problems beset Canadian airports. The thing is we love you so much we don't want you to go!

oreneta said...

stuck on puddin island, eh boy?