Sunday, January 03, 2010

Stormy weather

Just before Christmas we had a snowy, icy spell which made travelling rather more interesting than we would like. I think the trouble is that we are just not used to driving in this weather and forget how to drive properly. Even though we have all been taught it doesn't happen that often (Climate change permitting!)
Anyway my neighbour told me amusing story. In one of the villages near us the roads were in a very poor condition. A woman was trying to drive her car up a small hill, the wheels were spinning and she was panicking. A small queue formed behind her and at the back of the queue was a white van. The white van man got out and told the woman how she should be driving but with colourful and unpleasant language. However , the woman managed to gain control of her car and drove off but the while the man was being vile his van had slid down the hill and landed in a ditch.
There is a God!


oreneta said...


Love it!

Helen said...

Love it!

sea dogs said...

Speaking of which, getting off this tight little Island is tough. To get to Paris on December 22, we took train to Dover, Ferry to Calais and two more trains in France. with delays and screw ups total elapsed journey time was about 13 hours.
We are now trying to go to Barcelona. everything cancelled today, we will see tomorrow.