Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mr & Mrs Graham

Here is the absolutely beautiful bride. Kate looked stunning as you can see from the above photo. We had a really great day. The weather wasn't wonderful, but was nothing like as bad as had been forecast and no one got drenched. The hotel came up trumps and everything worked smoothly and - although not following Kate's minute by minute itinerary to the minute - was pretty seamless and very easy as a guest.
Here is Kate and Carl on the stairs which were the main location for the photos as the weather pretty much precluded outdoor photos. It is an Edwardian country house so is really lovely, and you had the feeling that you were living in a country house, with the various lounges and the ballroom etc.
This is the cake of cheese. The bottom layer was Caerphilly, the next layer was a Spanish blue, the top was a really smooth, light creamy cheese, with heart shaped brie and little black wrapped Black bomber cheddars. it was fabulous. Before that we had curry - lamb and chicken and veg, veg lasagne, all of which was equally fabulous. It was a fantastic meal. We had seconds of the cheese plate, and we have the remnants at home now. Carl's brother's girlfriend had made marrow chutney which is delectably tasty and went brilliantly with the cheeses. As something sweet I had made 120 fairy cakes in 5 different sorts, which also went down very well, and there were no leftovers of those.
Here is the ringbearer, bride and bridesmaids coming down the stairs at the beginning. Saffy didn't really like being a ringbearer for most of the time, though the photographer was brilliant at getting her attention. She too was dressed up for the day as she had a beautiful diamante collar and a big bow, very fetching.

We had a casino playing roulette and pontoon after which was fun, though Boo won so much she had problems losing it and had to give it to her children, which as everyone knows that children are very good at getting rid of parental money, worked very well.

We had a really good time, though I had problems keeping awake at the end while we were waiting for the minibus to come and collect us.

I haven't had time to edit the photos yet, so I will put a link to a file on Picassa when I have done so later in the week probably.

Kate and Carl had a lovely day with lots of their friends and family there to wish them well, the readings were lovely and very appropriate, read by Emilie and Alyson. The Registrar was smiling, and very upbeat and created a happy atmosphere from the beginning, the speeches from Mike, Carl and Luke (best man) were funny and touching at the same time, and Carl's brother Paul kept everything under control as master of ceremonies. It was a wonderful day. I thought I might cry, but actually didn't, though Kate, Nicky and Mike all did. I just felt really really happy.


oreneta said...

It was absolutely wonderful, and thank you so much for having me, all of you!


Mr K said...

It was a lovely day, and the cheese cake was inspired!

katemcnabb said...

Thank you all for coming!!!! Will do proper blog entry shortly - we are still eating left over cheese and chutney and still enjoying it though :)


Jill said...

Congratulation to Kate and Carl. Glad everyone had a day to remember. I cried reading the blog!