Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I love films and I love seeing them in the cinema. Multiplex cinemas are awful as people seem to like to talk all the way through the film. However in Saffron Walden we are blessed with two lovely cinemas nearby. There is our local one, Saffron Screen, of which we are all very proud. It is in the local school and it is run almost entirely by volunteers. It has proper Dolby sound and it gets the films a little later than the big chains but before they come out on dvd, It has such a nice atmosphere as I think everyone really treasures it. On the whole people don't talk through films there although there are some posh people who clearly have to shout at each other to be heard in the echoing halls of their stately homes who don't seem to be able to whisper.
Our other cinema is Cambridge Arts Cinema. People are so quiet there that they barely talk through the adverts and quite often they sit through the credits too! That's how serious they are. All those brainboxes, I suppose.
Anyway with this wealth of lovely cinemas we go to the pictures quite often but I have excelled myself in the last week by going to 3 films! All brilliant in their different ways. An Education, District 9 and Mesrine, public enemy number 1. The last one I dragged Erin to as Trev was busy. It was the second of a 2 parter but it made sense on it's own. Erin was surprised that I wanted to go to a gangster film as they are not usually my cup of tea but it was subtitled. I love foreign films because I am so arsey. District 9 is a South African film with aliens a thinly veiled analogy for apartheid. I don't think you have to like Sci Fi to enjoy this. Really touching and the lead actor had never acted before (plus the Africaans for f**k makes them sound like they come from Manchester, which is quite amusing) and an education is set in early 60s London, a very touching coming of age drama. I recommend them all

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