Monday, June 01, 2009

The wedding

Well it is all over. The glasses and the suits have been returned, the Bride and Groom are in Prague and everyone is back at work (apart from me and Trev who decided to take a day off)
It couldn't have gone better really. The only down was the photographer but if the photos come out well he will be forgiven. There was one casuality but that was one of Kieran's school friends who forgot that he left school many moons ago and fell off some play equipment and injured his ankle. His father had to collect him and take him to hospital to check it out and greeted him apparently with "You Prat!". All of his former schoolfriend were most amused by his predicament and one has posted up a picture of him on Face book rolling around in agony and you can see from the shadows that instead of attending him they are taking a photo of him. Boys eh!
The church service was beautiful and made me well up. The setting for the photos was lovely. The village looked pretty and the cricket match even made it more idyllic. I think the caterers did us proud and the ceilidh was an insprired choice by Alice.
Alice and the bridesmaids looked lovely and Kieran looked handsome
I don't think it could have gone better. It was a very special day. You can look at pictures here



Anonymous said...

You organised a wonderful party
Thank you

Mr K said...

It was a wonderful day! We are going to post honeymoon photos soon, and may make a post here all about it.