Thursday, June 11, 2009

Third person

I have been out of the trying to get a job thing for a while now. However my boss recently retired and they are about to interview 3 candidates for her post. We were allowed to see the CVs and I was amazed to see that on one of them the resume bit was written in the third person. It was bizarre - almost like Facebook. Is that how CVs are written now?
Anyway Andrew, my colleague, and I amused ourselves by talking about ourselves in the third person all morning.


katemcnabb said...

People who refer to themselves in the third person really scare me. Think they're mega egotistical and/or a bit schizo!

Mr K said...

The only place Kieran writes in the third person is on facebook. And that's only because it amuses him. Writing in the third person is weird, and doesn't work to my mind.