Thursday, January 15, 2009

Doctor says not to exercise

It is official. I should not be doing exercises at the moment. I started off my new year resolutions by getting up and doing half an hour every weekday morning when I went back to work on 5 Jan, and was getting on well till the Friday, when I got a pain in my neck and shoulder which got worse on Sunday and Monday, so I went to the doctor on Wednesday. Also, at the beginning of December I tripped and fell, landing on my left knee and it was very sore to touch (not surprisingly) and I couldn't kneel on it or rub it hard with a towel etc. However it seemed to be improving until the week of exercise when, on the Sunday night, it started to feel more sore as well.

Basically I have pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder and aggravated my sore knee, so she told me not to to any more of the dvds until everything was back to normal. So now I can lie in bed and only do my usual 10 minutes of back exercises with a completely clear conscience because I am under medical orders!!! So I don't even really feel that I am breaking my new year resolution either.

Both knee and shoulder were on the left side, so I felt fine on one side and a wreck on the other - bizarre really. However I can recommend the heat pads you get in the supermarket that stick to your clothes and say they last 12 hours. They reallydo, and they really help. I love them to bits!!

love Helen


oreneta said...

There are heat pads that stick to your clothes and last 12 hours? I would have bought a good dozen and plastered my whole body when the heat was out. What a deal!

Hope your feeling better soon...

Boo and Trev said...

You will have to start at Chinese New Year! I've seen those heat pads advertised and thought they would be too good to be true! Clearly not. Hope you get better soonx

Kate said...

At least you have a medical reason for not exercising - I've just been a complete lazy toad :(

Hope the one half of you feels as good as the other half soon sooner rather than later xxxx