Thursday, November 06, 2008

It'll be lonely this Christmas...

...well, it won't really be that lonely as I'll be going to mum's, but Carl won't be here to join in the festivities as the RAF in their infinite wisdom have chosen to send him to the Middle East for Yule. Booooo. However, he's out of harms way and apparently gets some form of Christmas present from the Queen - how exciting!

And of course I've got Saffy to keep me company too. Now once upon a time when Saffy lived at mum's, she was used to living under a tough regime, ruled by mum's iron fist. In this world she spent lonely nights sleeping in the kitchen and had to perch on the floor whilst the family watched TV. However, now she lives in clover at our house - sitting on sofas, sleeping on beds and all sorts. And spoilt pooch that she is, mum has now relaxed the fist of iron when Saffy goes to hers and has turned into a form of spoiling grandmother! Saff now gets loads of biccies (thanks Brian) gets bought huge bones (thanks Nicky) and even gets to sit on the sofa (gasp!). And when she came back recently she even had a new collar that mum had bought for her. So here are some pics of her modelling said collar in festive red - apparently Saff wasn't being very decisive in the pet shop between a blue one or a red one so mum had to make the ultimate decision :) Suits her don't you think?

Love Kate xxxx

P.S You can really tell how much Saffy loves having her photo taken.


Boo and Trev said...

Saffy looks very snazzy in her red collar. I must say thought I've never seen a dog that does tragedy better!

Kate said...

I know! And you own Gromit!!

She does have a tough life though :)