Thursday, February 07, 2008

Radio Stars!!!!!!!

Just to let you know that we have found out that Brian's piece will be on Radio 3!!!!!!!!! we don't have a date yet, and it will be hidden in the contemporary music ghetto at 11pm but with listen again you can get it at a more reasonable time (though on the computer which buggers the sound). He is now even more nervous.

Also - just to add to the pressure - the choir is going to be on thePolish equivalent of Radio 3 and we will be singing live ! No time to do it again, get it right, not panic - do it live why don't you - with a bunch of teenagers most of whom hadn't sung a note till 15 weeks ago. Eeek. Other than that we are looking forward to Poland.

love Helen


oreneta said...

Post the dates!!!!

katemcnabb said...

Wow mum, that is really exciting!! Let us know the dates. We'll be able to buy Brian's stuff on iTunes soon :)