Sunday, February 10, 2008

Flowers in winter

This camelia has come into flower for some reason, even though it is warm it is only just February, and it is the first time it has flowered. It is a gorgeous colour but I hope we don't have any frost or it is done for

Here we have Kate explaining to Saffy why she is wearing an elf outfit (because we are cruel and like to laugh at you) on Christmas day too.

Does anyone else get all their text underlined in Blogger or does is just not like me/Macs?


sea dogs said...

There was an article in the Canadian papers about Kew Gardens saying that everything was blooming a month early, even the trees (and according to the Kew guru, some trees are smart and don't do their thing just because it gets warm for a few days. So Global Warming is here (says he facing the second snowiest winter on record in Toronto with two more months of snow season to go) But actually that backs it up because it doesn't snow when it gets really cold, only at a few degrees below, so we are having a relatively mild winter.
But not the Prairies, they hit absolute record low temperatures. (Time to stop, I sound like Peggy)

Sea Dog

oreneta said...

Hi Peggy!

I don't get underlines, but you aren't either in the published version...when does Brian air?

Good luck in Poland, will you see my sis?

Helen said...

We don't know yet when the radio broadcast will be, but will tell all when we do. We definitely hope to see Joanne, but are waiting for the final itinerary from the Organisers so we know what we are doing.