Thursday, December 27, 2007

Random generation

Well, I hope you all had an excellent Christmas. One of the guilty pleasures I enjoy in the run up to Christmas is Strictly Come Dancing. It takes me to a better sparkly sequin filled place. In fact I am a little obsessed with it. However I am not alone in this obsession as Erin (and Trev, actually) share it with me.

Anyway after the series final and the Christmas special Erin and I had reached a new pitch of enthusiasm and decided to try for tickets to the live show that is touring at the beginning of the year (without success!)

Here is the strange thing. When Erin checked for ticket availability on line the website asked her to type in the random letters that it showed. As blogger and various sites do - I believe to prove you are not a machine. The first time it was a collection of random letters. The next time it spelt Loser and the third time it spelt Bumboat!

Talk about adding insult to injury

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Helen said...

It is obviously trying to tell you something. Kate and Iwatched the Xmas special this morning and think the best 2 got the top marks as gethin and Darren were so good. We cheered with each 10 that Gethin got!! Alesha had the giggles when they were doing the results so she clearly knew she wouldn'g go through. Ho Hum - January is looking VERY dull without it.