Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Sheep Murderer's tale

Today in London, our friends regaled us with the following real event: Some time ago, at a tourist spot, it matters not where, our friend A*** and family was enjoying the outdoors with friends. Said spot had many a sheep, which were determined sandwich eaters and minor menaces to children. One sheep in particular was the potential chief snatcher and minor admonishments had failed to divert his attention. In steps our hero A*** (identity concealed) and marches up to the woolly carpetbagger, wagging a finger of power and uttering the mighty charm "shoo".

Backwards went the sheep, until reaching the hill (oh, yes, it was the tourist spot up a hill), at which point it rolled over backwards down the hill until it hit a ledge, whereupon the dying fly position was adopted.

At this point, friends 10 year old set up a mighty wail of "sheep murderer, sheep murderer". A*** was rather worried, so he scrambled down and poked the sheep.

Thankfully, after a few moments, sheep came round, and after a pause to reflect on the dangers of a life of crime, scrambled to its feet and wandered away.

Ever since, A*** is know in that particular circle as the sheep murderer. The things people do to get a nickname.....

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fran said...

Down here in Devon (sheep country) there are lots of sheep stories. They do be many and various, now there you do have a clever sheep, one that does get fed and can act .Most sheep are single minded, they do wonder about or stand still.They do live or suffer from DIM.(dead in morning) so I do believe you came across a veritable Einstein of a sheep there. He could be the Owen Glendower of sheep or even the greatest sheep known to man since
Shaun the sheep.