Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quote of the week

Further to mum's entry below about Nicky's job in Denmark, I thought I'd just share my glee at what she said on the phone when she rang to tell me the news.

Upon telling me about said job offer in Denmark (take note, country of job opportunity = Denmark) Nicky said 'It'd be really good won't it....although, I don't speak any Dutch'. To which I said, 'Why would you need to speak Dutch? Isn't the job in Denmark?' Nicky then replied with 'Don't they speak Dutch in Denmark then?' I then informed her that no, they don't speak Dutch in Denmark, they speak Danish.

This was then followed by the question from Nicky: 'Well where do they speak Dutch then?'

Blond? My sister? Na..... ;)


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Anonymous said...

Oh dear!
Good to hear that goggers is still a top subject!!!!!!!!!!
But don't worry I expect they all speak English and probably better that she is spoke here!!!!