Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lovely presents

Presents are great aren't they? I like presents that maybe other people wouldn't. Infact it is something of a challenge between me and certain members of the family to buy the silliest present available. Well, I think I am losing the battle. A couple of years ago Sarah bought us a pottery half a dog. An excellent addition to the sitting room and giving the whole family the joy of playing half a dog hoopla with Gromit's collar. You would think that my joy was complete but no! Matt and Sue sent me for my birthday two lovely bits of astro turf with plastic daffodils. Surely, this was a marriage made in heaven. Now half a dog has some lovely plastic turf to burrow in and we have a lovely objet d'art! Heaven!


Helen said...

They look made for each other. How will you cope with Matt's 60th??

oreneta said...

I so love the living room I hope.

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Picturesque... It makes me think of summer... and no muddy paws. I haven't played half dog hoopla yet. Can i?! :o)

Boo and Trev said...

I think I am not going to try and compete this year but regroup my forces!
Of course half a dog is in the living room, he is next to Lucy the Duck.
Remind me at Easter, Alice, and we will play half a dog hoopla. Have you played picking up marbles with your toes and putting them in a pot. Another excellent indoor sporting persuit. (Best not to think about Erin's verrucas, though!)