Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bridesmaid diet progress

Just a quick update - after woefully plateauing for a few weeks and then going out to eat and drink to celebrate Carl's return last week, I seem to be making some progress again and have reached 10lbs off. Hurrah :)

New motivation has come in the form of a holiday, hopefully some time in May, hopefully somewhere hot. The thought of baring flesh that has been covered up for months by sleeves, tights, trousers etc is just horrific so is more than enough to spur me on with the diet!

Also, off to Cheltenham Gold Cup tomorrow with a thoroughly over-excited Nicky. Fabulous for me as I get to crash at her house for free, fabulous for her as she's got big sis to buy her bevvies. I've only got a small budget to gamble so doubt I'll be making my fortune but v.much looking forward to having a flutter.

Love Kate xxxx


Helen said...

You look like you're on target on your graph so well done you. I hope you and Nic win lots of money - if so bring champagne home this weekend

oreneta said...

10 pounds is amazing....I'm impressed. Enjoy the horses.