Thursday, February 22, 2007

Books etc

My book club does still get books and we do discuss them. However we also eat meals and swap recipes as well. And drink wine. And go to Pembrokeshire once a year for the weekend. It's got most things you need. I'm up for reading one book every 3 months. I'm not sure aboutMSN and would have to get educated on it by my offspring, and the last time we tried it with the Mac they didn't like each other very much. For the record I have just finished Desmond Tutu's biography which was excellent, a sort of biographical set of reminiscences by Miles Kington which was very funny, am rereading Thud by Terry Pratchett over breakfast, and rereading a Short History of Nearly Everything in the upstairs loo, while the Quite Interesting book holds sway in the downstairs loo. I have just started the new Lindsay Davis book Saturnalia which promises to be as good as usual, and have found a Margery Allingham that i missed up till now (beckoning Lady) at work which I am reading at lunch time (between looking at books on the menopause and Vienna (and of the 2 I prefer Vienna by a long way). it all sounds very trivial next to Chris's list. Holes is nice and short anyway so I will have to get a copy from one of the libraries. This is quite exciting isn't it. (or does that comment mean my life in general is not exciting??)

The packing was excellent. The best I think I have ever seen. Unlike our CD suppliers who pad everything beautifully into a box so that nothing can move. They seal up the box with tape and then wrap it absolutely meticulously with brown paper and more tape - it is a master piece each time. And somehow there is always at least 1 damaged cd. How?

love Helen


katemcnabb said...

Mum, with a book in every room, door way and hall way, how could your life not be exciting?!

Having said that in a mocking of parents type way, I'm excited about this book club thing too!!!!

Love you :)

oreneta said...

Well, my last too books were about dog psychology and Between a rock and a hard place, I am not sure you heard about him in the UK, but he is an American climber who got trapped and had to saw off his own right hand to get free.

Definately questionably book club material. The first is not really of general interest, and the second was pretty darn gross in spots, and not really that brilliant a book, more an amazing story.

Don't know how we'll swing the potluck goodies over the MSN or whatever it is called, maybe some of the techno-wizards can figure that out.