Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weekly weigh-in

It's that time again, and this week I actually did fall off the wagon :(

Well, more like I dangled my legs off as I had two glasses of wine on Friday night. I did plan to abstain from alcohol until this Saturday (27th) but unfortunately I'm weak and the girl whose wedding I'm actually dieting for convinced me to give in and have a drink!

However, I'm pleased to say I've had another pound off which means 6lbs in total so I should reach my first goal of half a stone off by the end of January. A good week's progress I feel. Although it could yet go horribly wrong as I have a free champagne party to go to on Saturday and am in London for an exhibtion (cue copious amounts of drinking on bosses company credit card) so fingers crossed I retain a smidgen of will power to see me through!

Love Kate xxxx

1 comment:

Boo and Trev said...


I always knew you had at LEAST six weird things about you, although I wouldn't have counted liking Bob Marley.

Way to GO KATE!!! Very impressive chart.

Helen, there is a second wave of weddings? I thought I was through that, then again, you aren't having an entire summer ruined anyway, all in one day...

Boo, I have to look up that toy and get a better idea of what you were doing. Sounds weird.

Christine, the un-logonable.