Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nintendo Wii

This Christmas we bought Kieran a Nintendo wii. Well when I say we bought one for Christmas we went on a waiting list for one before Christmas at a local Computer emporium. This meant that we could go into a shop and say we wanted a wii!
Anyway, as you may or may not know wiis are very hard to come by and we didn't expect it until his birthday in March. However, imagine our surprise when we got the phone call last week to say it had arrived. Kieran had left for university and we're not likely to see him till March. Clearly we had to check that it worked properly. So we had a go this weekend. IT IS BRILLIANT. It's like being in the holodeck in Star Trek. You have this controller and you control the ball, tennis racquet, golf club etc. It is sooooo clever. Unfortunately we are hobbling around feeling rather stiff today from lobbing virtual balls, bats etc in the sitting room.
Anyway, if you have a chance to have a go with one you should. Great fun! Great choice of present, K!

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katemcnabb said...

All this time I've been wondering and THAT'S what you have kids for!!

Haven't had a go on one yet but they do look like a lot of fun. AND a bit of a workout too!

Love Kate xxxx