Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have borrowed our work I pad for the weekend to see if I would prefer another laptop lor net book for my birthday or a tablet.  As it happens it is remarkably locked down and I didn't think to get the apple password. From my boss so. I can't update flash and play games so I have decided to do a blog entry to try it out.   Here's the thing.  I can,t  see the point of them.  What do they do that you can't do on an old school machine and I am not a fan of touch screens.   I think I will probably stick with Trevor.s discarded laptop.  I think my mothers make do and mend attitude and inner Luddite comes to to the fore.  Reading this back I can see I have managed to put random full stops everywhere.  Anyway all you tablet lovers tell me what I am missing!


oreneta said...
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katemcnabb said...

I pretty much felt the same as you until I got an i pad myself. For me they don't replace a laptop or a desktop but are a 'nice to have'. But what a great nice to have! For one thing, you are online instantly, no more waiting to boot up. Another big benefit is how transportable they are. I now never take my laptop anywhere - apps like Dropbox mean I can access everything on my i Pad remotely without having to lug my laptop around with me. Apps are another big thing - Spotify, iPlayer and the like means I can listen to music in the shower (with the i Pad safely away from the actual water, obvs) or watch TV in bed. There are so many great apps out there, many of them free, and by not having the Apple password you'll have missed out a bit. Ultimately, it's speed and convenience - I don't like having to type much on mine which is the main reason why it'll never replace a laptop for me. But I now wouldn't want to be without one. And that's my two pennies worth!

Helen said...

As you know I am a devotee, but they don't replace the laptop. Like Kate says they are portable and quick and very convenient. I love my iPad mini, but still need the laptop for some things eg photos and - sadly - anything with Flash as Apple don't support it on the iPads. So I do have to play scrabble on the laptop. If you want to avoid Apple, then the Google Nexus tablet is really nice, and much cheaper. I've got one for work to use for eBook training, and it is much nicer than the Samsung Tab2.