Sunday, September 30, 2012


Salve! We have just returned from Northumberland in an epic trek along Hadrian's Wall with Helen and Brian. When I say epic I mean the 30 or so miles in the middle which are pretty and have more of the wall in tact then the rather duller outer parts. It snakes up hill, down dell and through bogs and we snaked with it. Most of us covered in mud apart from Brian who has some weird, but useful superpower that enables him to stay mud free. Helen is going to post in greater detail and with pictures (my Picassa account is now full so I must do something constructive about it) In the interim here is what I learned! Reivers were like the Mafia in the late Medieval, early tudor period and somebody should make a TV series about them. 10% of the Roman army were stationed at Hadrian's wall. The wall's contsruction consisted of something called a berm. Say it outloud in a Clousseau way and it will make you laugh (well it made us laugh!) I really don't like wet rooms. Northumberland does excellent cakes. In Northumberland a sunny interval usually involves rain! A lovely holiday with lovely family is just what you need to get over post Olympic blues!

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