Tuesday, July 03, 2012


We have just returned from an excellent weekend in Yorkshire. First stop was Hebden Bridge to spend a little time with Sue. Sue's mum has just moved to a nursing home Sue is clearing out her house. However she arrived with some trepidation as on Friday 22nd June there was bad flash flooding in the town. Apparently the river was rising 2 feet every 15 minutes. Luckily nobody was killed but a lot of people have had their homes and businesses ruined. A week later and the town has bounced back in an extraordinary way. A lot of businesses up and running again and people all pulling together. There are signs for help for flood victims and it would seem that Mrs Crabtree's house clearance couldn't have come at a better time as a lot of her stuff, like washing machine, cooker, bed linen can help people who have lost so much. Anyway on the Saturday the town's art festival started and there was a surprisingly good parade by the local people with Stomp like drummers, Jazz bands, amazing stilt walkers and brilliant costumes. It was really good and I think was a credit to the town. Anyway after that we went across the moors to Ripon. Which is really lovely. A beautiful cathederal and is famous for both Wilfred Owen and Lewis Carrol. It has 3 excellent museums. The Workhouse, the Police and the courtroom. We visited all three and were able to don silly hats so that is a result! In Ripon a hornman is appointed and he has to blow the town's horn every night at 9pm. This is a tradition that has gone on, unbroken, since Alfred the Great gave the town a charter. We went home via Burghley House which has an excellent Sculpture garden and a garden of surprises. I would highly recommend a visit to either!. Lovely weekend. Makes me proud to be half Yorkshire (OK a bit tenous, really) Picassa has decided I have had my full share of photos so if you want to see any you will have to go to Facebook

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