Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eggcellent day out

Today to celebrate my birthday the Martin family went on the Faberge egg hunt around London.
There are over 200 eggs around various parts of London.  Basically it means you have a walk around the city with a kind of purpose.  We did the same thing for the elephants a couple of years ago.
Tea and birthday cake
We started on the South Bank where we met up at the Royal Festival Hall.  We had tea and birthday cake which Kieran had made.  Then nourished and refreshed we set off like the intrepid eggsplorers we were.
Alice at Southbank

Kieran scanning
Kieran scanned in the little barcode at each egg hence the endless updates on Facebook. We spotted several on the South Bank then on to Trafalgar Square. While crossing the Jubilee bridge we spotted men on the Clock of the Savoy Building. 
Men on the clock

Luunch in Green Park (Buck House in background)
At Trafalgar Square we didn't spot as many as we had eggspected,  but we were serenaded by an eggstraordinarily awful bagpipe musician.  Then on to St James's Park.  Succesful hunting along with entertaining  pelicans - what's not to like.
After that we went to Green Park where we had a picnic lunch over looked by Buck house.
A few more spotted and then on to Picadilly where we used the facilities at the Royal Academy and gawped at the enormous queue for the David Hockney exhibition.  We amused ourselves by then finding eggs in Pall Mall.  What a posh place that is.  Berkeley Square was lovely with some great sculptures.
Berkeley Square (no nightingales)

Egg in front of South Bank skating. (Kieran scanning again)

Alice blending with egg

We got to Hyde Park and had a tea break and then we had pretty much run out of steam.  We walked to Kensington but were a bit eggshausted by then so we all went home.

As a day it totally had the eggs factor!


oreneta said...


Now I know what was going on with facebook. Looks like good fun in fact.

Jill said...

It seems that you were also following the Jubilee Greenway while egg hunting.