Sunday, November 06, 2011

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Yesterday was fireworks/Guy Fawkes day. I haven't been to public display of fireworks since the kids were old enough to go on their own. Being freezing or more likely soaked while watching and listening to fireworks was never really my idea of fun.
However, yesterday we had friends over for dinner and I thought I would buy some indoor fireworks. We have had these before and they were really a bit rubbish. And the first ones, called Snakes, were a bit rubbish. They looked like turds! But it was most amusing.
The discovery of the evening though was finding that our friend, Peter, who is a rather conservative sort who works for KPMG, turns out to be a pyromaniac! He was totally reviving the spirit of our who considered the instructions "Don't go back to the firework if it fails to ignite" as a challenge to their manliness.
Peter was right in there reigniting the failed ones while previous ones were still burning. To be honest, his degree was in biochemsitry and as we know most chemists are a little insane.
We saved the best to last. it was a sort of Roman candle. Here are some pics.

Maybe I will get some more for when the family are here next weekend!

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Helen said...

That's very impressive actually