Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welsh Wanderings and Malvern Marvels

I thought I would add some of our pictures to the vast myriad of pictures already here, although as I combined my attandance with my first study school for the MSc Information and Library Studies (no I'm not embrarssed!) there are also some shots of Aber.

The Study School was great, an I very much enjoyed meeting all my contemporaries on the course. It was a grey few days in Aber, but I happen to find moody coastal skies rather beautiful...
It's a bit small, but that's Aber's old building on the right. We were escorted around Aberystwyth very graciously by a charming Polish student... which we all found a little odd considering the adjustments we had been making to our surroundings already.

Probably every student at Aber has photographed these... or am I mistaken? I think they should have anyway!
So I am now a student once again, only this time I'm working 20hrs per week on top of my nearly full time job. The first full day of the course focussed soley on coping strategies for distance learning, which sounds dreadful but it was reassuring to know how experienced the University is in supporting students like myself. It was an intensive week, and I actually needed to take naps in the day once I got to the Malverns just to recover!

And now for something completely different...

The Malverns!

So, there was a lot of walking, note Trev in his signature hat... :o)


Lovely views,

a cave,
And Martins (birds) but my particular expertise is spotting the behaviours of an altogether different species of Martin....
They really had no idea they were doing this... until now!


Boo and Trev said...

That is hilarious!
A typical summer's day in Aberystwyth! Actually, I should really revisit it - I think I would love it now. I will have to make aday of it on your graduation day!!

Helen said...

I get to Aber a lot for meetings - usually once a year anyway, and the weather looks about normal.

I love the mirror pic of Boo and Kieran.