Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alice's Jurassic Adventure

Last weekend three friends and I went on a girls walking weekend to the Jurassic Coast. Although Kieran and I have lived in the "deep-south" for approximately 3.5 years, we haven't ventured further than the more generically recognised parts of the south coast like Bournemouth and Portsmouth. This was my first chance to see the coast the way the locals have grown up seeing it... and it was beautiful:

We started off with coffee in the village of Abbotsbury, and walked 11 miles to Portland where we were staying. We reckoned the name Abbotsbury had something to do with this...
If you can't tell, it's a small Abbey on the top of a hill...It'd be a bit of a treck up there on a Sunday morning!

Clare and I take in the view, and the wind!

The journey wasn't without it's hazzards and tricky negotiations had to be made when this lot totally blocked off the path half way round...


Tempting as she was, this old girl was in need of some drastic repair so we stuck to the footpath.

11 miles covered and in need of fuel we went for fish'n'chips. It was a special treat, not just in it's own right, but all three friends are extremely gluten intolerant, so these were specially prepared, and very well done gluten free ones!

That was a real fish tank in the background. Slightly disturbing as we were eating fish!
(The waitress taking the picture obviously didn't think Anna would mind being only half a face!)

After good grub and a sleep in the BnB (run by divers - that's another story - picture many dry suits/wet suits, oxygen canisters and tanned middle aged people acting like excited teens - it was 'rad' dudes, yah!!)

Now for the really beautiful bit -
We drove along the coast to Durdle Door and walked to Lulworth Cove:

and walked down some scary steps...
and up and over and down some other scary steps...
This strange rock formation was like a back bone stretching out way into the water.

The sky was blue and the water clear and breathtakingly powerful against the rocks. Just lovely.
Ice-cream in Lulworth and then home.

More anon.


oreneta said...

If I ever get the chance to spend a lot of time walking in the UK, this blog will serve as my guide! What a lovely walk!!!

Boo and Trev said...

Looks beautiful. Trev would have freaked out with the cows!

Helen said...

Looks fabulous!! 11 miles means you really really deserved the fish and chips.