Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well, as all of you know my friend Jill and I successfully auditioned for the show Pointless.  They are recording at the end of February and some of you will come and see it being recorded and if it's not too awful I may even let you know when it's on TV.
Here is it's wikipedia entry which explains it in detail.  Basically they ask general knowledge questions.  They have already surveyed 100 people and you win by choosing the least popular, or even better, the answer  not chosen by the survey  (the pointless answer in fact).  For example if they were to say landlocked countries in Europe Switzerland would be the most popular but the chances are few or hopefully nobody would have said Andorra.
I am a mine of useless information at the moment as I am trying to learn obscure American sports teams and the flags and capitals of little known countries.  My mind is full of menomics such as "Bleat me in St Louis" to remind me of the St Louis rams!  I must learn some facts about Canada.  Everybody always thinks I know about the land of my birth and it will be shameful if we fail because of my ignorance.
Jill and I have both received a large email with instruction mostly about what we can wear.  We have to think Smartie colours but not brown or red.  Not pastel colours, grey, black, white, busy patterns, polka dots, logos.  Nearly all Jill's clothes have got logos so I think she will be hitting the internet soon!  What's more we have to bring 5 outfits from this limited repetoire of colours!  I have just about managed it and am popping into Marks and Spencer this weekend to take care of the under clothes.  I feel I need to dye out the grey routes, bleach the moustache etc.  I don't think I put this much effort into Kieran and Alice's wedding (or even my own!).
The young researcher (and they are all young - the place is like Logan's Run) rang me yesterday to go through my biography.  I think I have got jobs with less information then they know about me.  She was trying to find out unusual information about me and I let slip that I find dressing up dogs  amusing.  That is certainly going to come back to haunt me.  Gromit will be in heaven laughing at me as he finally gets his revenge.  I also mentioned that I enjoyed playing Scrabble so she concluded that meant I was a good team player.  Clearly she has never entered the cutthroat world of the small plastic tiles.
Anyway, it should be fun.  As it's on during the day I'm hoping that the good and the great at work won't even be aware of my appearence.
Wish us luck and pray that we don't have a performance like this one!


Helen said...

ANd I thought I was bad a geography!!

oreneta said...

My British geography is a bit unsure, but that as unbelievable.

Alice said...

I am astonished at these answers! Why are they so STUPID!!!? *Scratches head and shrugs over emphatically*