Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plumbing the Library Knowledge... if you please!

Some of you know and some of you don't, that I jumped on the Librarian bandwaggon some 18 months ago and am intrepidly making my way in my second library role as Senior Learning Centre Assistant for Curriculum Liaison (I plan to try telling people my job title after a few drinks one day, just to see what happens!) at an FE college in Southampton. I am thrilled to have this job, as I can be creative and do all kinds of things that really excite me about library work. I am currently trying to arrange for a guest speaker to come visit the library. I have had many a conversation and email exchanges with charming authors of fine fiction, but sadly still no confirmation or success in booking someone. Target audience is Adult Learners who for various reasons are learning to read/write in English and the plan is that the visit will drum up enthusiasm for reading and literacy in general. Have any amongst you marvelous relatives-in-law had any success with organising this kind of thing? And can you give your Niece/Daughter/Cousin-Law some advice?


Boo and Trev said...

OOer might be able to find you a scientist.
Wasn't Philip Pullman related to somebody in your year at school? Or was it somebody in Kieran's year. With and unlikely name like Alduos?

Helen said...

Are you able to pay the going rates for these things or are you looking for a freebie?

Your local arts council will have lists of writers who do these sorts of things and usually the going rate for them too.

Have you talked to the local public library about who they get to visit? Try the Reading Agency
which is involved in all things reading related. Look at the people who have written Quick reads and see if any of them are nearby.

You could also try Adult ed department in the council to see what they do and if they have anyone they use.

I know a children's writer in Kent but that isn't much use to you really.

Alice said...

Our budget is £250 which is normal according to the Society of Authors for a half day.

I'll look at reading agency. Quick reads have also just send me all their promotional stuff so will see what's on offer there.

Thank you! xxx

katemcnabb said...

I know nothing about writers but I do know a bit about booking speakers. Definitely try to find someone who has a new book they need to hawk and position the speaking slot as a favour to them. It could also act as a book signing (if they have some way of taking the money at the event - their problem, not yours). You can also create some cheap flyers and make sure everyone takes those away and also issue a news item to local press (if you can tempt a photographer down so much the better).

Make it a real opportunity for them and then you will be the ones doing them a favour, not the other way around.