Thursday, January 20, 2011

An attempt to get my 15 minutes

  Because of the weather and the fact that I realised that I had a bit more holiday then I had calculated I decided to take some leave on the week before Christmas. Also because of the weather we didn't wander far from home.  Slipping and sliding into tow n and slipping and sliding home again.  We were home by 4 every evening and infront of the telly. I think  I was beginning to lose touch with the outside world. During this time we became rather addicted to a quiz show called Pointless.  It's quite funny and requires both general knowledge and a little bit of psychology.

 After Xmas my friend Jill came for a visit and we discussed the quiz show and she quite liked it too.  She suggested that she and I apply for it.  As by this time I had existed in a winter wonderland for over a week and the outside world seemed a dim memory so  I agreed.  The application  form was enormous - 5 pages!  Anyway, we sent them off not thinking that we would hear anything further. The snow went and we all went back to work and forgot about it.

However  we received phone calls last week and we got called to an audition yesterday

The production company was in a rather unprepossessing office block in west London.  They had glammed up the reception area.  However when we ventured out of that area into the kitchen we discovered that the it resembled a student flat with dirty dishes piled in the sink!  Still it's not surprising as the employees all seemed to be about 15 years old.  Still not quite the glamour I had imagined.

 While we were waiting in reception Jimmy Carr and Charlie Brooker, who are reasonably famous in the UK.  I showed how I took it in my stride by texting all the family.  At least I didn't take a photo or ask for their autograph.

The audition was in a board room.  There were 7 other couples.  We had to do a tiny little dummy run of the show including making all ooing and aahing noises at appropriate times.  We acquitted ourselves fairly well.  Then we had to wait again in reception to see if they wanted us back for a screen test which they did!  That involved us talking about ourselves infront of the camera.  Not too sure how that went.

Anyway, we shall see in the next few days.  They auditioned 500 people for 150 places so I'm not holding out too much hope.

All in all it was great fun and a good way to cheer up a dull January evening


oreneta said...

It does sound fascinating, the audition alone if nothing else.

Mr K said...

Thats cool! Those odds aren't that bad, so I'm holding out hope!

Helen said...

What fun. Someone at work was on tv ina quiz show a year or so ago,and we all watched - it was great fun