Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas food shopping

I have done most of Xmas food shopping but went into Waitrose at lunchtime today to get some things that had been forgotten. It was really busy! Our Waitrose is never busy except at Christmas and today it was busy. There were lots of people queueing for the tills, but they had got it well organised. There were staff at the end of every aisle organising people into neat queues and then sending them on to the tills, and rewarding you for your patience by giving you a chocolate when you got to the top of the queue.

It made queueing almost enjoyable!

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oreneta said...

You're making me worry, I haven't even decided what we're going to eat yet! I do have the advantage that the big night here isn't until Jan so I am ahead of the crowds anyway. Glad it was almost pleasant queueing