Sunday, October 17, 2010


Carl and I have just spent a really great weekend in Edinburgh. Having thought I had never been there, I actually realised I've been there twice but once was just at the airport and the other was for a conference, both work related and both precluded seeing anything of the city. We went to meet up with some of our friends from our Cyprus days. Alison and Craig live in Lanark which is about an hour away from Edinburgh. They now have two little girls, so Alison's parents who live in Austin, Texas, have set themselves up with a flat in Edinburgh so they can visit more often. Nice for some - and nice for us as it turns out - free posh digs right in the city centre! We were also joined by our friends Buzz and Emma who flew up from Cheltenham.

It was a lovely weekend with too much food and FAR too much alcohol (when in Rome, or Edinburgh...) and we also really fell for Edinburgh. It's got a really great atmosphere with loads of history, loads of things to see, lots going on - we loved it. Will post some pics once I get them off my camera. We went to the castle, then went on a whiskey tour (complete with hangover) which was very well thought out and not a boring museum-y experience at all. They'd worked really hard to make it interesting and interactive and we really enjoyed it. Then we pottered about and ended up in the National Museum of Scotland which was good and in amongst the relics of the Stewarts was a science bit where we went to visit Dolly the cloned sheep who now resides like a Damien Hirst piece in a perspex box.

If you haven't been I'd definitely recommend it for a weekend. Pics to follow.

Kate xxxx


Helen said...

It has occurred to me that you went there when we went to visit Anne when you were little. I think we have pictures somewhere.

Boo and Trev said...

I love Edinburgh. So much lovely architecture and moorland right in the middle. I assume you've read the Kate Atkinson novels?

katemcnabb said...

Ooo no have not read Kate Atkinson - are said novels set in Edinburgh? I could do with a new writer to get stuck into. Am reading the new David Nicholls novel (the guy who wrote Starter for Ten which I enjoyed) but I don't like either of the central characters which is putting me off it. Will investigate my fellow Kate!

And Mum, a visit to Anne when I was 3 counts about as much as my visits to Edinburgh for work i.e. not at all :)

Definitely going back again, esp. if we can get free accommodation!


Boo and Trev said...

The first one in the series, Case Histories, is set in Cambridge but the two after that are set in Edinburgh. I loved them.

Helen said...

I like the Kate Atkinson books too - I have the new one in my 'to be read' pile