Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cuts close to home

The first cuts are hitting close to home.

Adam works in a specialist hospital for spinal injuries and similar long term patients called Rookwood. It is in old buildings but has a special atmosphere just because so many of the patients are there for months at a time. However it has been announced that the hospital is to be closed.

Hopefully that doesn't mean that Adam's job is under threat, but it does mean he will be moved to one of the other hospitals in the area, and the patients will be scattered around as well. It is a shame for everyone concerned.

For Adam he may end up at a more commuting convenient hospital, but it won't be as friendly or supportive as Rookwood. The domestics in Rookwood are part of the team, not interchangeable minions and some of the bigger hospitals won't see the domestic staff in the same way.

Fingers crossed that it works out ok. It is a real shame.


oreneta said...

That does suck, I am so sorry. Xavier finished work last Friday, cuts are indeed very close to home. Hope that Adam gets a new place to work that is as pleasant as where he is now. Best of luck Adam!

Boo and Trev said...

So much for the NHS being safe. I hope he gets something decent instead