Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot sunny weekend

Boo and Trev came down this weekend. We had tickets to go see the Strictly Come Dancing Professionals show on the Saturday night, which we did, and it was brilliant. However the star of the weekend was the weather! It was fabulous. We had heat and sunshine all weekend. Here we are on the Sunday walking along the coast path towards the lighthouse.
However the other star of the weekend is Miss Muffet. Nic's friend Chloe had a Welsh pony mare who had to be put down on Wednesday and who left behind a 2 day old foal. Here is Miss Muffet taken on Saturday when she was 5 days old. Chloe is having to bottle feed her every 2 hours at the moment which is asking a lot of anyone. Luckily she lives on a farm so they have the space, but she also has 3 boys under 6 so is busy at the best of time. They are trying to teach her to drink from a bucket because it would be better not to be hand reared by people. She needs to know she is a horse. Although Chloe has another pony mare with a month old foal the little one is so young that they are too nervous to put her with them until she is older. So Chloe, Nic and Keely have gone off to see if they can get a small donkey to be a companion for her, because apparently donkeys are less likely to kick or bite.
Here she is again - unbelievably cute and so beautiful.
Here are Boo and Trev on Llantwit beach enjoying an ice lolly.

We also had a barbeque because this may be the only weekend we can do so.

It has been like a little holiday this weekend, absolutely wonderful.


Boo and Trev said...

It was a brilliant weekend. Thanks so muchx

oreneta said...

Sounds like it was utterly glorious! Has Nikki moved in with Chloe to help with the foal?

We're having a simply lovely one here too, and about time.