Sunday, May 30, 2010

Afternoon in Picton Castle gardens

We have taken a break from unpacking the contents of both Brian's houses and putting them into the cottage this afternoon. We did extremely well yesterday and the kitchen is now pretty ship shape, today we unpacked the clothes and did the bathroom, so the main things left to do are all the paperwork boxes, music scores, and connecting tv and hi fi. However as the aerial man won't be here till next week at the earliest there is no great rush for that.

So we took this sunny afternoon off and went to Picton Castle. I wanted to see the rhododendrons in flower, and although they were past their best, there were still enough of them out to make quite a spectacular show.
Here are some lovely red ones
This is taken from the inside of a bower made of woven (willow maybe?) like a little round tent.
More lovely flowers.

The top picture is Brian sitting beside the pond in the walled garden. It was really lovely. We had a very nice tea with carrot cake (me) and raspberry and coconut slice (Brian).

Tomorrow we will need to do more work, but today was very relaxing.

As you can tell perhaps, we have also got Brian's broadband connection up and running. This is a very good thing.


oreneta said...

Broadband is a very good thing- Picton castle seems better.

Boo and Trev said...

Aha You said you'd go there. Good tea too. Win win situations. I think those other flowers might be Azaleas

Carloscu said...

wow awesome pictures!! keep this way

regards form Mexico