Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kitchen sink drama

This is rather a random post really but it does include a kitchen which has a sink, although there was not much drama really - but it could be argued that I was unnecessarily dramatic about it all!
To start off here is a picture of two blonds on an elephant.

I am sure there is a joke in there somewhere but I'd rather not hear it. This is part of Erin and Heather's jungle adventure in Thailand. They have now left Thailand and are in Laos. You might all be amused to know that the hair straighteners have now finished their world trip and are back in Essex!

Closer to home and infinitely less interesting here is progress on the kitchen. It really is one of the most disruptive things ever. We had to store the kitchen units the week before and empty the kitchen too. So the new units were in the computer room and the garage, the car had to live on the street and the computer was discombobulated and put in Kieran's room. The kitchen filled Erin's room, the spare room, and the sitting room. Luckily, we can both eat at work so we survived pretty well with just bottled water, a kettle and a toaster functioning but I wouldn't like to have gone on for more than a week. My admiration to all these people who undertake major projects - they are clearly made of more Stirling stuff than me!
The kitchen is mostly done now but the work surface and the sink will be fitted in 3 weeks time and the alarmingly wobbly larder unit is being replaced and then we need to choose tiles and flooring. We had Kevin the carpenter and Brian the builder and we have been recommended to use Tim the Tiler. Gotta love alliteration!

Here is the kitchen in it's present state.

Finally, we went for a walk on the Stour estuary and were surprised to see this!
It is the remains of Richard Branson's transatlantic balloon.

Apparently his recently deceased co pilot lived in the village.
We were also pleasantly surprised to see a sweet chestnut wood full of Wood Anemones.
It was actually more spectacular than this photo looks.
We also spotted this posh school on the other side of the river.
It looks a bit like Greenwich (from a distance, anyway)

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Helen said...

Kitchen is looking really good. I agree that having the kitchen done is absolutely chaos creating.