Monday, March 15, 2010

Language and Travels

Well, we just had a marvellous weekend in Grenoble with Sue. But before that, a new word from National Express. On a slow journey to work last week, the driver announced there was a failed train ahead, and the driver of that train was "de-passengerising".... He spluttered a bit as he wanted to say "his passengers", but changed it to "getting them off the train". So watch out if you travel National Express..

To France and beautiful sunny weather, but with some cold wind and nights. We saw a cornucopia of birds on Sue's terrace, including: Robin, Sparrow, Blackbird, (hmm, no one impressed yet)Great Tit, Blue Tit, Chaffinch,(still no excitement) Serin, Brambling, GoldCrest, Hawfinch, Siskin and Long Tailed Tit (good finish eh?)

One or two pictures below.

First a Great Tit and two Goldcrests (in the original file size it is more impressive)

Here is the classic coffee stop, note snowdrops in the background.

I forgot to mention the yellow and black salamanders. The head is at the bottom of this picture.

Then we noticed on the bus back to the airport the English translation was machine driven. Say in your head in a French accent "Place de la Resistance" and then repeat the same words but with English pronunciations of "Place" and Resistance". Made us giggle.

I'll let my wife tell you about the joy of Lyons airport in another post.

Finally two girls in the mountains;


Jill 'n' Noddy said...

I'd have been impressed if you had seen a Right Tit.

Helen said...

I too have seen the salamanders but they are hard to take a photo of I found.