Thursday, March 04, 2010


As promised, here's a link to a Picasa album of our honeymoon shots. Again, there are hundreds so have pruned them but thanks largely in part to Mum's super duper camera there are some pretty great shots so there are quite a lot of pics to browse through.

Who needs New Zealand, hey Erin? Pah! A few months travelling is nothing compared with what we crammed into two weeks in South Africa....not that I'm jealous that her trip is still going and ours is over...


Kate xxxx


oreneta said...

What lovely photos!!!!! Thanks for letting us see!

Boo and Trev said...

Amazing pictures, Kate. Just to make you envy her more, Erin has been to South Africa too but she didn't see all the big 5!
Wedding photos brilliant too.
Is it wrong of me to giggle at the name dongle after all these years?

katemcnabb said...

Ha, no my colleague and I had that exact same conversation about dongles just last week :)

Glad you guys liked the pics, Mum's camera deserves all the credit really.