Monday, March 22, 2010

Day at the races

So having a sister who works for a National Hunt trainer has finally paid off :) I had a marvellous day out at the Cheltenham Gold Cup on Friday which is something of a tradition where I work, and was happily joined for much of the day by said sister and sister's best friend Sally. It's always a brilliant day out and this year was no different despite the absolutely vile weather (it rained all day). Luckily I'd been to Asda and bought a brolly the day before so was well prepared and it was probably the best £1 I've ever spent.

Two days before hand, Nicky had given me an outside tip for a horse at her yard who was running in the first race. Barizan was priced on William Hill at 40 - 1 but rumour had it Tony McCoy (ace jockey) might decide to ride him on the day in which case his odds would plummet. So I thought I'd place a little bet online. Unlike my gambling mother, I didn't already have an online betting account and setting one up was a real pain because I'm currently between surnames and between swapping addresses so it's all very confusing when registering for anything at the moment. I was going to give up at one point but persevered. And wasn't I glad when Barizan surprised almost everyone, nearly winning by about 20 lengths! He was unfortunately pipped to the winning post at the last but as I'd bet each (as advised) I knew I was in the money. So for the rest of the day I gambled and drank with gay abandon knowing that I had that money in the bank, it was fabulous! I had two more seconds and the winner in the Gold Cup itself too.

It was lovely to spend the day with Nicky who was christened 'Mini McNabb' by the boys I work with, and after the stress of moving and an incredibly busy time at work, it was brilliant just to have a fun day out. Boringly, normal service resumed on Saturday with the painting of our Swindon house, which is very nearly done now - hurrah!

And I've just tried to add some pictures of Barizan the horse and also a comedy picture of Nicky from her work's website which I just stumbled across when searching for the horse picture, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to upload them for some reason :(
Love Kate xxxx

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Helen said...

Blogger is a pain with photos - so incredibly slow. I gave up completely the other day too. I too got money on Barazan and th Gold cup winner. Money to spend in Spain !