Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Honeymoon Part 1 (Sort of)

....apologies for being completely rubbish and not posting about our (fabulous) honeymoon or the (pretty-good-if-I-do-say-so-myself) photos. With Carl being posted we are moving in a week's time so it's all a bit hectic here, and Carl has had to go away for training and he's taken the laptop with him that has all our photos on.

I am rubbish, there's no excuse but I promise, promise to get the pictures from Carl this weekend and post extensively and bore the pants off you all about the joys of South Africa.

Official thanks are now on their way to you all but whilst I'm here we both want to say a huge thank you for your generous donations to our travel fund. It really was the holiday of a life time :)

Pics and details to follow!


rachel said...
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Helen said...

Shall I put some of the pics on?

oreneta said...

Helen, please? I'd love to see them for one. Where are you headed Kate?

Kate said...

We are moving over the border into Berkshire - about 40 minutes away from where we are now, which is nice as I don't have to a) find a new job or b) completely lose my social life!

Mum, thanks for the offer but I'll put them up at the weekend - want to write descriptions etc :)