Thursday, February 18, 2010

Erin's adventures

Well, as you know Erin is on her travels and she is keeping in touch but we aren't seeing many pictures. So through a process of wheedling and guilt trips I have managed to become Heather's friend on Facebook, thus I can actually see pictures of Erin. It sounds like she is having an amazing time. I have put less scenery and more Erin - it is very beautiful but you can just look at National Geographic or watch Lord of the Rings if you want to see what New Zealand looks like. The pictures are mostly South Island NZ. Sydney and Tokyo are obvious. Nothing is labelled because I am too lazy to back reference to Heather's photos, and it is not in order either
I think that Helen and I are holidaying vicariously through our daughters at the moment!
Enjoy the photos.


Helen said...

Fantastic! Don't you wish we hadn't been so conservative in our youths? I was too much of a scardey cat to have done it at that age though

oreneta said...

Lovely. It is nice seeing all those pictures of Heather, but some of Erin would be good too.