Saturday, August 01, 2009

Day out in Warwick Castle

Here we are at Warwick Castle. All the Martins and partners, plus Kate, Brian and I had a get together in the middle(ish) which was Warwick Castle. The weather in our lovely sun drenched island was - wet actually. It rained, significantly for most of the day. However not all day - here we are during a dry bit outside the orangery.
Here is Alice shooting a bow and arrow. Underneath are Mike and Kieran shooting bows and arrows. Alice was actually better and got more arrows into the target.
Here we are trying on hats in the castle. All very entertaining.
Here we are having lunch. There aren't that many picnic benches, and very few under cover, so we sat on plastic bags for our picnic. We has a really good lunch, and not much overlap of food. Kate is not here because she got stuck behind a horse box and then a caravan, and then had no change for the car park, and then having got change, the machine ate her money and she had to phone the car parking people. I think she needed gin when she arrived, but had to make do with food instead.
We had a really nice day. The castle is a bit too 'hollywood; and doesn't actually feel really like a mediaeval castle. Having done lots of castles this year and spending a lot of time in a medieval castle at St Donats we consider ourselves pretty up on castles. There were some things that were excellent - the trebuchet firing a fireball at the end was brilliant. Lots of things like the fighting, the jousting (which actually was rained off for us but is usually there) and such like would be great for kids, who seemed to be having a great time. However it was heaving so you were in queues a lot of the time, and in wet weather the restaurants were insufficient for the numbers, but we were unfortunate with the weather.


Hilarious Catastrophes said...

Can I just point out that there were actually arrows and I'm not just posing bizarrely with a bow in the picture... hehe! It was so lovely to see you all, although so nice to get back into the warm at the end of the day. And now it's really hot and sunny in Southampton today... typical! :o) xxx

Helen said...

The arrows were in the target of course!! We have had hot sun today too.