Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rest stops

At the moment I am typing this in shorts t shirt and walking boots. I have just aquired some new boots and I have two weeks to ascertain that they are perfect for my awkard feet therefore I need to wear them inside.
The reason that I need new boots is that we are going on a holiday in the Lake District later this year and although what I have now is OK for Essex I think I need something more supportive and comfy for hillier terrain.
Trev and I are toying with the idea of climbing Scar Fell Pike (for those who don't know it is the highest mountain in England). My friend Sally, who has climbed it and with whom I often go walking so she knows my fitness levels, reckons that if we are feeling uninjured at the time and after we have had a week of getting hill fit it is doable. BUT the thing that always puts me off on these long wild walks is going where to wee. There are no conveniences and there are precious few trees on these fells and there is a surprising amount of people on popular walks like this. It is OK for men they can just go against a rock but for ladies it involves squatting and I inevitably get it on my shoes and the chances are if it's quiet when I start a coach load of boy scouts will appear before I finish. I think when we we climbed the Old Man of Consiton (3rd highest) I just didn't go. Maybe the effort meant I reabsorbed.
Am I the only member of the family who worries about things like this? Probably. Hey Ho (ooh by the way, Helen, we're not expecting you to do this walk)


Helen said...

Jolly good! I have the boots and the stick and the back support thing, but I don't think they are enough because I don't have the fitness.
On the wee front, I just go when I think I have enough privacy and gave Brian a few anxious moments on holiday when I had to go and he thought the cover I had was insufficient, but I'm very good at pulling down the trousers, mostly missing the legs of them, and pulling them up with no one the wiser. Though Brian had some worried look out moments. Hee hee.

c said...

Bring a big old sarong, or an old light skirt...hides a great deal of activity if you're really worried...or do like Helen and let Trev do the worrying.

Hilarious Catastrophes said...

When on the north york moors I thought some very long grass was the perfect solution... just as a cyclist came by at very close range... however, I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or at least hardens you up to the possiblity of needing a wee outdoors! Aren't you glad I'm sharing now I'm part of the family! you lucky things! :o) xxx