Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holiday pics

I've uploaded a lot of pictures of my holidays in Northumberland onto Picassa, but have totally forgotten how to create a link to it (again) (I'm not sure why I have such a blank spot about this, I can do far more complicated things without a problem!)
However this will take you in the right direction.

Here is (actually it isn't because Blogger was taking too long and I want to go to bed so I've cancelled it, and will try again tomorrow) a little video of a deer which was by a loch where we thought we might have lunch. She just came along and stayed there for ages, so I got some brilliant pictures of her. While we were doing this the midges and mosquitos had Brian for lunch and some of them had me as a little added extra. It was the only place which was a) so very midgy and b) we presented a standing target. Ho hum.

We had a brilliant holiday. we sight saw in Northumberland and saw all the things on the list - Durham Cathedral, Alnwick Castle and gardens, Lindisfarne, Bamburgh Castle, the beaches, Hadrian's Wall. Then we went up to Scotland and had a few days with Louise and had some lazing on beautiful sandy beaches, then to Fort William which was brilliant for going walking. So we did sightseeing, lazing and walking. Excellent. The weather was great, only 1 day when we got a bit wet, and not bad then really. The roads were all devoid of traffic jams ( even the M6) and the Scottish roads were remarkably devoid of traffic actually.

(Blogger is taking forever to upload the video which as it is only a minute long is frustrating)

We got back on Sunday and Brian began unpacking as AC had moved his belongings in our absence, so I went over to help and we got the computer set up, the tv and lots of kitchen stuff unpacked. He did lots more the last couple of days and the kitchen is mostly done, and his clothes are but the books etc .... He has fled to Pembs to get away from it all.

The weeds have done very well in our absence, so, weather permitting, I will be spending the weeking dealing firmly with them. Hopefully (unlike my sister and brother in law) I won't destroy anyone's tv reception.

Work has come as a nasty shock though. But I had a meeting in Llandrindod Wells today so had a nice drive over the Beacons and up the mountains in Powys which is breathtakingly beautiful, and the meeting was well worth while too actually,


Boo and Trev said...

Well, I've made that a live link but I can't see the pictures.
Did you use the skin so soft? I am fascinated to know if it works!

Helen said...

Not when we really needed it- ie with the deer, so it is as yet unproved.

Helen said...

I've altered the access now too