Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So as Carl is unfortunately stuck in the Middle East at the moment I find myself a bit bored of an evening.  True I was out last night and I'm going out tomorrow night and then away for Kieran's wedding all weekend (hurrah!) but as lovely as she is, Saffy isn't much of a conversationalist.  

For example, on the Sunday and Monday of the Bank Holiday weekend, the only people I actually spoke to were the girl in H&M when I returned a belt I didn't want, another girl on the street who I asked the time as I didn't have my watch on, and a couple of hellos from random walkers whilst out walking the dog.  And so I find myself interacting more online - I am on Twitter posting tweets, on Facebook playing Scrabble and chatting on MSN a lot more than I would normally be, and it's funny how I use all those things more when Carl's away.  I use them an awful lot during work times (hope the boss isn't reading this) but don't generally go online in the evening that much as I don't really find it relaxing.  But thought I'd have a little ramble on here to keep myself occupied :)

So, whilst I'm online I thought I'd put some new piccies up and say JUST how much I'm looking forward to Kieran and Alice's wedding this weekend :)  I am very excited about spending time with my lovely family and celebrating a wonderful day.  I also hope to pick up lots of tips for my wedding in November (Guys, I will be shameless in stealing all your good ideas!)  Hot on the heels of this wedding is one of my best friend's, Alyson's, wedding the following weekend, at which I am a bridesmaid and will very happily be wearing a size 12 dress after some mega dieting and lots of running and lifting horrid weights at the gym.

And on that note, here are some pics of Al's hen weekend.  We went to the Gower in West Wales, which isn't quite as far West as Pembrokeshire where Brian's cottage is.  Sadly we didn't get the nice sun we've just had over the Bank Holiday weekend but still braved the sea for a bit of body boarding!  We then went out in the evening dressed as some of the many different countries Alyson has been to as an extensive traveller and also super aid worker and saver of humanity in her work for Save The Children.  Unfortunately it was the same night as the Eurovision Song Contest so everyone thought we had gone out in honour of that....(not that Eurovision isn't a fine event of course, Boo!)

First night at Fennel Cottage - a mixture of Llantwit girls, Uni friends and various friends and relations

Al's friend Jae is both South African and a marvellous cook (not sure they're related) but made us these brilliant willy cakes - very fitting for a hen do!

The few brave enough to take a dip in the sea - the hen is third from the right

Post dip and supping a deserved G&T in a can (how good is it you can buy G&T in a can?!)

The hen (who didn't choose her own outfit funnily enough) who was the personification of Wales for the evening
Out dressed as many different countries - I am Morrocco (believe it or not - outfit had gone a bit awry by this point), then there's Greece, Africa, the sheep is New Zealand, Alyson is Wales, India is in the silver, next to her is England which you can't really see and Pakistan is the far left!

Love Kate xxxx

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