Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tea and family

Here we are in the pub, after the lovely tea at Fortum and Mason.

Here we are in Fortum and Mason having our tea
Here we are in Green Park on our way to tea

We had a great day. As Kate said - we packed an amazing amount into 1 day. Selfridges, Cabinet War rooms, Tea and a meeting in the pub, then home to cheese, wine and a film. And we lost an hour's sleep!

Great though - I really want to do it again next year.


Helen said...

I've put a few more photos onto the Carter family album on Picassa, if anyone wants to look

Mr K said...

It really was good fun! We should try another venue next year and compare and contrast

Anonymous said...

Dammit it happened again. Why do people keep using my computer and staying logged on? That was me, Boo, not Kieran at all!

Mr K said...

My account has now been used by both my mother and Alice! Very amusing.

Kate said...

Let's do The Ritz next year!