Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Firebird

We went to see the ballet at the Millenium Centre last night. 3 short Stravinsky ballets - Petruchka, Fairy's Kiss and Firebird. Saw the first 2 and then sat down for the third, the orchestra began playing, curtain stayed down, and then someone came on stage to say there had been "an incident" and we all had to leave. We all filed out and eventually some fire engines turned up and I gave up and went home (it was 10.15 by then).

However - had the Firebird set the stage alight?
Or (and this will only make sense to those who watch Torchwood, so everyone else can stop reading now) - was the "incident" something to do with the rift and Torchwood? Perhaps a real firebird from another planet come through!!! Who can tell? It does make life more exciting going to the theatre on top of an interdimensional time rift.

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Anonymous said...

We had the same experience at the \Donmar, only saw act 1 of a play. They phoned us and offered another chance to see it or money back. You should try for something similar