Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Senior Moment

The other day I came in from work. I had a couple of phone calls to make and I had to write a cheque before I went to a friends house. All succesfully performed. I went to my friends and when I came home received a phone call. I could not find the phone anywhere. I could hear it but not accurately enough to locate it. I rushed upstairs to answer the extenstion. Afterwards I enlisted Erin's help to find the phone. I pressed the button on the phone's cradle which makes the phones trill and she followed the noise with her more youthfull and accurate hearing. Lo and behold she found it. I had put it in the drawer where the cheque book lives! Fortunately I hadn't followed through and tried to put the cheque book where the phone lives!
Blush! Can't even blame the Large Hadron Collider anymore!

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katemcnabb said...

I had the same problem the other day with the phone and to make matters worse it had run out of battery so the phone noise locater thingy didn't work. Eventually I found it stuffed right down the back of the sofa (where else).

And how retro of you still writing cheques :)