Monday, September 15, 2008

I blame the hadron collider...

...between flooding (which did admittedly start before the collider thing kicked off), euro tunnel incidents and server meltdowns there's definitely something going on. e2train's server decided to call it a day on Thursday night and shuffle off into the dark night of the hardware graveyard. We've therefore been without email, internet, intranet and shared drive access ever since which has actually made it quite hard to get any work done! Doesn't compare with mum's rubbish working situation really but is a pain in the bum when you're trying to organise your company's annual conference.

I've also had a headache now for over 24 hours and am starting to feel really quite grumpy about it. So in my scientific opinion, this collider thingy might not have caused the world to end but might just explain some of this other crap that's going on?
Love Kate xxxx

PS: Despite all this though, there must still be a god because Strictly starts next Saturday! Did everyone see the swimmer Mark Foster, who's taking part this year, wearing a skimpy waistcoat in the preview last week? :)

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Helen said...

Brian says a 24 hour headache is a bad thing, and try going for a swim because the chlorine may help clear the sinuses.

Yes we did see the swimmer!! Nic was very keen. Can't wait till Saturday!