Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Like many people I watched the Olympics opening ceremony and like many people was absolutely gob smacked by them. Then like many British people thought Oh my giddy aunt (nothing personal, Peggy) London is going to have to compete with that in four years time. We couldn't even get the millennium celebrations right!
Erin thought the best we could muster was morris dancers. Mike (her boyfriend) said that if we wanted to show what England was like we should have threatening hoodies and lager louts. I thought about what was quite impressive recently and thought of Diana's funeral. Maybe we could do it like a funeral but without a corpse. However my colleague Andrew, hit on a good idea. As we were musing on the problem he pointed out that some of our most popular exports are Benny Hill, Carry On films and Mr Bean! We could have the athletes dressed up as naughty nurses and dirty old men! Like this.
Or does anyone have a better idea?


oreneta said...

There would HAVE to be a certain amount of cross-dressing, no doubt...and toilet humour, though maybe that is just our family and not representative of the UK as a whole...you could have some druids mumbling and wandering aroudn a perambulating stonehenge, maybe?

Helen said...

To make it perfect all the trains would be late getting there and some of them would be cancelled. There would be a traffic jam so that people were stuck on the road instead of in the stadium, and we could make sure it rained all the time. it'll be a doddle - we can do that no problem!